The International Organization for Standardization in English is usually known as ISO. Standardization means the establishment of rules and regulations to determine the quality and desired characteristics of a product or service. Standards have four fully sanctioned axes, i.e. the nature of products, management affairs, evaluation and compliance, and social responsibilities.

Rotengran Parse company has succeeded in obtaining many standards and certificates in this field in line with the design, manufacture and production of polyethylene welding machine (bob fusion) for connecting HDPE single wall pipes in Iran. Among the standards that Rotengran Parse products have succeeded in obtaining are:

Iran Standard and Industrial Research Institute


German standard (DIN).

The achievements and successes of this company can be briefly mentioned as follows:

  • Production of CNC polyethylene welding machine for the first time in Iran exclusively in 2013
  • Being among the top 3 exporters of the country's polyethylene industry
  • Appreciated by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade as a top producer
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