The vision of Rotengaran Parse

Our vision is moral and professional honesty, loyalty and value-added service with customers and being a leader in the global market to achieve valuable products and services.

We have determined the quality as a factor that adds value to customers and meets their expectations and has exceeded them and has always made it possible to obtain new opportunities to provide newer services.

Our mission is to create a culture in the production and provision of services in order to support the industry (gas, water and sewage, ...) and to adjust the current costs of potential and actual customers by using valuable, committed and expert forces with the establishment of information technology (IT Governance) in the organization in order to continuously create value in the field of activities and services, to develop and strengthen ourselves among customers and society, and to provide an atmosphere of support and trust to enter domestic and foreign markets.

Our Goals

  • Responding to the new needs of customers and communicating continuously with them / CRM
  • Dealing with complaints in order to increase customer satisfaction and increase the organization's ability to improve products
  • Regular and continuous planning and action to prevent and reduce environmental consequences and reduce waste
  • Providing new services according to the principles and standards of the field of excellence
  • Providing products with a distinct and superior quality level
  • Improving the level of organizational knowledge and its management
  • Using expert and committed teams in different areas of the organization
  • Optimum use of equipment and machinery and regular planning of maintenance and repair of production infrastructures

Dear customers, greetings and respect
It should be noted that the use of Rotengranan brand content in the form of photos and videos is only possible by displaying the Rotengranan logo on the images.
Knowing that most of the customers do not want to mention the brand name on their social pages due to the existing competitive market, but the intellectual property rights of all designs and marketing tools of the Rotengaran brand belong to this brand and it is not possible to use it without the logo.
Please, if you decide based on the internal policies of your esteemed collection not to mention the brand name, take photos of the goods yourself.
It is obvious that the use of images and videos of the Rotengaran brand with the logo type on the images does not require permission and is free.

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