The reputation of Rotengran Parse company is the result of years of continuous efforts to maintain the quality of products. Detailed checks, continuous controls from the raw materials to the way and type of packaging of the final products, have made trust in the products guaranteed by the professional performance of Rotengran Parse, therefore Rotengran Parse guarantees its products for 18 months and 10 years of after-sales service.

Rotengran Parse products are covered by this company’s warranty against any defects in raw materials and manufacturing methods.

This guarantee includes all Rotengaran equipment and tools, except for electrical components, and it is covered by the warranty from the date of delivery, and from the same time, it is subject to warranty and after-sales service. In order to take advantage of this warranty, you must take the device completely to one of the sales agents or authorized agents for delivery and service. Rotengran Parse production group calibrates and controls its products (polyethylene welding machine – electrofusion) under the supervision of inspectors and experienced technicians, and you can use the calibration for a period of one year.

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